QUIT Forrest Rally

Event Date
  • Fri, 05/04/2019 - 5:00pm to Sun, 07/04/2019 - 10:00pm


The Make Smoking History Forest Rally is set to rev up Busselton & Nannup over the 5th – 7th April 2019. The competitors will compete on closed gravel road special stages in the magnificent forests surrounding Nannup

The event is based in Busselton and commences on Friday night with the Trade hire Busselton Special Stage around Barnard Park.  Spectators will get to see the flat out action up close and personal.

Saturday morning the cars head up Nannup where the Service Park is located in the main street.  The service crews enjoy the hospitality of Nannup while the competitors are flying through the bush on the gravel roads in the forests surrounding Nannup.

There are ample opportunities for spectators to enjoy the action both out in the forests but also at the Nannup Oval Stage.

Saturday evening Barnard Park is again a hive of activity for the Trade Hire Busselton Special Stage.

Sunday sees a repeat of stages up inn Nannup before the ceremonial podium finish in the main street of Nannup.

A Rally differs from other forms of motorsport in that the cars do not compete on a ‘circuit’ instead they compete on closed road sections that they have only driven over twice in order to make their ‘pace notes’, a short-hand system of symbols that enables the Co-Driver to describe to the Driver what hides around the next corner or over that blind crest.  In an event they may only see a particular corner 4 times…and given that the gravel conditions will be different each time, rather than the same lap after lap after lap, many argue that Rally drivers are the most skilled of all motorsport competitors.

There is a wide variety of cars competing including Classics like Ford Escorts and Datsun 1600’s to more modern turbocharged Mitsubishi Evos, Subaru WRXs and even a number of International spec “R5” cars.

Spectating is FREE!!

Yes, you get to spectate for FREE…whether at Barnard Park in Busselton, the infamous Healthway stage near Nannup or you prefer just wandering around the Nannup Service Park…it is all FREE.

Maps of the stages are available here.  There are many vantage points for Spectating, for further details see our Spectators info here.

The Make Smoking History Forest Rally is a SMOKE FREE EVENT.