Beachlands Leavers

Busselton & Dunsborough has become one of WA's most popular destinations for Leavers, it's no wonder why with the beautiful beaches, surf, warm weather and an abundance of entertainment options for all to enjoy. Beachlands is in close proximity to all the action and is a safe place to stay, we implement a strict alcohol-free policy and 24-hour security for everyone's safety.

Here at BIG4 Beachlands we have been hosting Leavers for nearly 20 years. We welcome these young adults into our park to enable them to relax and unwind in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We pride ourselves on providing Leavers with a safe environment- we have 24 hour security on-site and we restrict people in the park to only leavers booked to stay at BIG4 Beachlands.

We understand that you all deserve some time to relax and take a well-deserved break after the stress of exams.
This is often the first time they will be away from home without supervision which is why Beachlands take the safety of the school leavers very seriously                                                                

Beachlands will welcome food trucks to the park over the Leavers week. Leavers can enjoy delicious meals served by some of the popular Food Trucks from the area. Meals will cost between $8-$15. We have entertainment day with great prizes to be won.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Call us on 08 9752 2107 to book now and secure your Leavers accommodation, or if you have any further questions.

Before you book please ensure that everyone has read our 2018 Leavers Booking Conditions

To ensure all Leavers have a safe and enjoyable experience there are guidelines and requirements that all guests and their parents need to adhere to.


Photos: Tim Campbell

Beachlands Leavers 2017

We noticed in particular what a respectful group they were this year and showed high levels of responsibility. All credit to them!

Below is a snap shot of some of the fun they had at Beachlands

Pancakes for Breakfast: Freshly cooked pancakes served every morning, they must of tasted great as plenty came back for seconds. This years group were very polite and lots of thank you's were given

Bucking Bull Entertainment: Tuesday afternoon we had Mad Cow Entertainment come and set up a mechanical bull. This was great fun and lots of belly laughs were had!

Prizes and Giveaways:To keep the kids motivated and get out and about in the sunshine we created outdoor activities for them to participate in and win some great prizes & food vouchers. Thank you to Dunsborough Jet Ski Tours, Xscape at the Cape, and The Well Dressed Potato for kindly donatating the vouchers.

The clean up: It took a little bit of motivating getting the kids moving for their 10am departure but everyone jumped on board and helped clean the camping sites and accommodation. Great team work!

Safety First: Glowing reports came back from our on-site security. They said everyone was very cooperative departing the leavers bus late in the evening. Vehicles kept to the parks speed limit and used their designated parking areas

Saying goodbye: All the best to you all for the future, we wish you all the best for the next stage of your life and once again a huge thank you to all the Beachlands leavers who stayed you were absolute pleasure!