Busselton Archery Park

9755 4322

Everyone goes through the course at their own pace which means it can be a little difficult to stick to a schedule. Please consider this when you're visiting. Archery needs patience and this can often be tested before you even start.

Archery with 3 arrows per person usually takes between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, 6 arrows increases the time by about 30 minutes.

Our mini golf course is a great tie breaker for those who are extra competitive. Didn't win with the archery? Maybe mini golf is more your game!

BUNGEE RUN: RACE A FRIEND ​- With a bungee cord strapped around your waist you try to run to the end of an inflated lane. 

GLADIATOR RING: LAST ONE STANDING  - One vs one inside an inflate ring as you try to knock each other over with jousting sticks. 

SNOOKBALL - Giant version of billiards, played by kicking the ‘cue’ ball into other soccer sized balls and sink them in the pockets! Aussie pub rules apply, ask staff if you're unfamiliar, we're always happy to help!